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How to Prevent Dental Emergencies – Katy, TX

Avoid Damage to Your Child’s Smile

mom brushing baby’s teeth

As children grow and learn, they can experience some bumps—literally—along the way, whether from clumsy accidents or questionable choices. Although our team at Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry can provide the emergency and restorative treatments necessary to get your child back on track following dental damage, wouldn’t you much prefer avoiding these stressful situations from the beginning? In addition to regularly checkups and cleanings at our office, below we share ways that you can prevent harm from befalling your child’s smile as they develop.

Strong Daily Oral Hygiene

teens smiling and preventing dental emergencies

We strongly recommend starting to implement healthy dental habits into your child’s daily routine at an early age. As soon as your child’s first tooth arrives, bacteria and food particles can form plaque, which can erode the tooth enamel and cause decay. While your child is unable to brush on their own, you must do it for them. As they learn this skill for themselves, your child may struggle to effectively clean all the surfaces of their teeth. The molars are particularly challenging for young children, who are still developing the necessary dexterity. As a result, cavities can form on these teeth, potentially causing your child pain or embarrassment. You will likely still need to supervise their morning and evening brushing during this time to make sure they are using proper technique, but that doesn’t mean this daily task needs to be tedious or boring! Make it a fun, positive experience through playing music, brushing your own teeth to serve as a model, and using floss to get rid of “sugar bugs” between their teeth.

Custom Mouthguards

two kids smiling with healthy teeth

Is your child involved in sports? Just as you wouldn’t send your loved one out onto the football field without a helmet to protect their head, you shouldn’t leave their teeth unprotected! Any activity that could result in an impact to the face could lead to a broken, knocked-out, or chipped tooth. A simple mouthguard can effectively absorb the blow and preserve their teeth. Although you can find generic mouthguards at any sports store, these are created to be one-size-fits-all, meaning they are often uncomfortable and slip out of place. At Happy Chompers, Dr. A can provide a custom mouthguard to fit perfectly and stay exactly where it needs to in order to keep your child’s smile safe.

Limiting Crunchy, Sugary Foods

girl getting a checkup with a pediatric dentist in Katy

Although basically every child has a sweet tooth, it is important to put a limit on their sugar consumption both for their dental as well as their overall health. The oral bacteria that cause infections and decay thrive on sugar, increasing your child’s chances of experiencing cavities. Additionally, hard foods, such as chips, hard candy, and more can put too much stress and pressure on their teeth, leading to cracks or breakage in the tooth enamel.

Using Proper Tools

When your child is opening packaging for a snack or pry something off, don’t allow them to use their teeth. Over time, this bad habit can wear down the enamel and make a dental emergency more likely to happen. Instead, have them find scissors or whatever tool is needed so that they can keep their teeth strong.

If you have questions about any of these tips, or your child needs an appointment with Dr. A, just give our office a call!

Locating Our Dental Office

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When it comes time for your little one’s visit, you’ll find us at 23302 W Fernhurst Dr #200 in Katy. We are near I-10 and State Road 99, close to Westside Mall. Our office is down the street from Costco, next to Times Square Entertainment, BB’s Tex-Orleans, and Stars Sports Bar & Grill. If you would like step-by-step instructions on locating our office near you, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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