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Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry Blog

zzz . . . How Sleep-Disordered Breathing Can Affect Your Child

February 26, 2021

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child with sleep-disordered breathing

While you’re at work, you get yet another call from your child’s teacher at school. They’ve been struggling to pay attention and focus, and they are irritable with other kids and with you on a regular basis. As a concerned parent, you want to find out what the underlying issue is, but have you ever considered that the quality of their sleep could be contributing to the problem?

Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is a condition where a child’s breathing is interrupted or obstructed while they are sleeping. The brain causes them to wake up enough to resume breathing. This can occur up to hundreds of times each night, keeping your child from achieving deep sleep. Read on to learn more about this condition and what can be done to help your child rest more peacefully.


Discover Helpful Tips to Protect Your Child’s Smile Year-Round

February 10, 2021

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a little boy wearing a camouflage shirt and smiling wide

Doing your best to prevent cavities from forming in your child’s mouth? Taking additional steps to keep their teeth and gums better protected in-between appointments? February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and dentists throughout the country are preparing to raise awareness of the importance of good oral hygiene starting at an early age. They’re also providing parents with additional tips and guidance on ways to keep children’s dental health in Katy at an optimal level. If you could benefit from receiving a few additional suggestions to safeguard your child’s smile, read on to hear from a pediatric dentist.


Optimal Growth and Development: Why Your Child’s Airway is Important

December 21, 2020

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a little girl wearing a striped shirt, glasses, and pigtails and smiling

Is your child snoring at night? Do they breathe with their mouth open? Do they appear to have an elongated face? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it could be that they are suffering from an obstructed airway that is inhibiting their ability to breathe and rest easy at night. In this article, you will learn more about the importance of a proper airway in Katy and how it can impact your child’s oral growth and facial development over time.


What You Might Not Know About the Oral Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

December 11, 2020

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a mother nursing her baby while seated in bed

Are you a new parent? You likely know the incredible advantages breastfeeding offers to a newborn, but did you know there are immense benefits in connection to nursing and oral health in Katy? As you navigate these early days of parenthood, read on to find out how this natural act can improve your baby’s smiles for years to come.


How to Know Your Child Needs a Frenectomy

November 3, 2020

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a baby lying on its stomach with its finger in its mouth and smiling

Does your baby have difficulty latching while breastfeeding? Do they struggle to take a bottle? Is your child experiencing problems with their speech? These are just a few common signs that your child is living with a lip or tongue tie and needs an oral procedure to allow for improved oral function. Although most children are treated during infancy, many problems do not develop until they are older. To better understand what you can do to help your little one, a pediatric dentist explains what you should look for to determine if your child needs a frenectomy in Katy.


What to Expect From Your Child’s Growing Smile

September 30, 2020

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Young girl smiling

From their first gummy smile to their senior portraits, your child’s smile undergoes quite a transformation throughout the years. And knowing what to expect along the way can help keep their teeth and gums in tip-top shape during the journey! If you are unsure when their baby teeth in Katy should emerge and fall out, then read on.


3 Tooth Fairy Myths From Around The Globe

September 17, 2020

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Tooth-shaped pillow on purple backdrop

For adults, losing a tooth necessitates an emergency visit to the dentist. However, as a child, this occurrence is an exciting milestone! In fact, second only to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy is one of the most beloved children’s characters. However, the tradition we have of placing the tooth underneath a pillow and waking up to a small gift isn’t the only tale being told around the world. Read on for three tooth fairy stories in Katy you can share with your little one!


How Can You Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

August 24, 2020

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a baby wearing a diaper and lying on its back while holding a bottle full of milk

Do you frequently give your baby a bottle before putting them down for a nap? Don’t worry, you’re not alone if you say “yes.” Many parents find that their babies are calmer and more willing to doze off if provided a warm bottle of milk or juice. Unfortunately, this seemingly innocent habit can lead to cavity formations over time. So, what can do you to prevent it from happening to your child? How can you appease your little one without the bottle? A pediatric dentist shares helpful tips that will keep your baby’s growing smile healthy and free of decay.


Is Thumb-Sucking Bad for a Child’s Oral Health?

August 11, 2020

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a little girl with pigtails sucking her thumb

Does your child suck their thumb? This common habit is normal when they are a baby or even a young toddler, but did you know the longer it goes on, the higher the risk for serious oral health problems? While it may be a comfort mechanism for your little one to sleep easier or soothe their anxiety when away from you, it’s best to find alternative ways to replace this type of non-nutritive habit. Read on to learn why allowing thumb-sucking in Katy can have negative consequences down the road as well as what you can do to curb this habit before it’s too late.


4 Ways Your Dentist is Staying Safe While Improving Smiles

July 1, 2020

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a dental hygienist wearing a face shield, gloves, and protective eyewear while care for a young patient

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is now a widely-used term among the public these days. Once only heard of in healthcare settings, everyone is donning some form of PPE, the most common being a face mask. Fortunately, a facial covering is only one form of protection your child’s dentist will be wearing during their next appointment. For proper COVID-19 safety in Katy, you will find there to be at least 4 types of protective equipment worn by both the dentist and their team members. Read on to find out what you can expect to see when arriving for your appointment.

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